MIA using ITK on Apple iOS

MSc Student: Boris Shabash
MSc Student: Zhi Feng Huang
Collaborator: Luis  Ibanez
Principal Investigator: Ghassan Hamarneh

Motivated by the importance of performing medical image analysis using ITK for many health applications and by the ubiquitous mobile devices, in particular Apple's iOS devices (iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad) we provide the documentation and code to facilitate the development of more sophisticated medical image analysis applications on iOS devices.




ITK on the iOS

ITK is one of the most powerful image segmentation and registration libraries available as an open source toolkit. Motivated by the recent popularization of the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, we describe the set of required steps for integrating the ITK framework into Apple's iOS  mobile operating system. We first focus on the process of importing the C++ based ITK to the Objective-C based iOS, and creating a simple application that demonstrates the ITK libraries are integrated. This work brings to the reader a user-manual on how to integrate the ITK libraries into iOS applications and code.  

ITK Image IO Interface with Apple iOS 

Further, we contribute itkiOSImageIO, the necessary ITK class that provides the input/output (IO) interface with the repository of images stored on iOS Apple devices, such as the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. The proposed classes provide the ITK programmer with the facility to read or write iOS images. Along with contributing the source code for these classes, we provide examples of reading and writing different types of gray level and color iOS images, as well as filtering the images using ITK filters.

Open Source

We provide the source code and documentation of our work to the scientific community. Please refer to the publications below or visit the Insight Journal. If you make use of our contributions, we ask you to kindly give proper credit by citing the publications below.


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