Deformation-Driven Shape Correspondence

Researcher: Oliver van Kaick
Researcher: Richard (Hao) Zhang
Researcher: Daniel Cohen-Or
Researcher: Alla Sheffer
Researcher: Qingnan Zhou

Non-rigid 3D shape correspondence is a difficult, yet fundamental, problem in computer graphics. Most applications which require a correspondence, e.g., cross-parameterization, rely on an initial set of manually selected markers. Without user assistance, the performances of existing automatic correspondence methods depend strongly on a good initial shape alignment or shape prior, and they generally do not tolerate large shape variations. In this paper, we present an automatic feature correspondence algorithm capable of handling large, non-rigid shape variations, as well as partial matching. This is made possible by leveraging the power of state-of-the-art mesh deformation techniques and relying on a combinatorial tree traversal for correspondence search. The search is deformation-driven, prioritized by a self-distortion energy measured on meshes deformed according to a given correspondence. That is, we measure the quality of a correspondence by the effort it would take to deform the shapes into each other based on the correspondence. We demonstrate the ability of our approach to naturally match shapes which differ in pose, local scale, part decomposition, and geometric detail through numerous examples.

Figure 1: The dino-skeleton is deformed to match the raptor (red markers indicate features). Top two candidate correspondences are shown. Switching between symmetric parts, highlighted in circle, is detected by the distortion cost.

The following picture shows another example of our correspondence cost at work:

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1. Deformation-driven shape correspondence
May 26, 2008
H. Zhang, A. Sheffer, D. Cohen-Or, Q. Zhou, O. van Kaick, A. Tagliasacchi, "Deformation-driven shape correspondence", to appear in Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), Copenhagen, Denmark, July 02-04, 2008.

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