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Human Motion Tracking
We are developing automatic methods for estimating the motion of human figures in still images and video sequences.

Nuclear Medicine Quality Control
We have developed a cross-platform software application which implements all of the basic standardized nuclear medicine scintillation camera quality control analyses, thus serving as an independent complement to camera manufacturers’ software.

Deformable Spatio-Temporal Shape Models
We are developing tools for modelling and analysis of spatio-temporal shape variation from dynamic medical image, as in echocardiography.

Boundary Detection in Medical Images
We have applied the application of active contour models for the segmentation of oral lesions in medical color images acquired from the visual part of the light spectrum. The aim is to assist the clinical expert in locating potentially cancerous cases for further analysis.

Small Animal Image Analysis
We are developing tools for segmentation, registration, and shape analysis of small animal images for genotype-phenotye studies. The long term goal of this work is the description of structural shape variations in normal, genetically identical mice and the subsequent detection of pathological phenotypes in genetically modified mice.

Web-Based Visual Computing Tools
The objective of this project was to develop a web-based analysis tool for studying the retinal fundus photographs of children.

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