TurtleSeg: Interactive 3D Image Segmentation Software

February 8, 2011

 We are pleased to announce TurtleSeg, our new interactive 3D image segmentation software.

TurtleSeg produces 3D segmentation results quickly based on minimal and intuitive user input. 
TurtleSeg's Spotlight feature can be invoked to automatically direct the user towards regions in 
the 3D image that benefit most from the user's input.
Visit the website www.turtleseg.org to know more, e.g. video tutorialssoftware manualscreenshots.
You can also go directly to the software download page.
We hope you enjoy using TurtleSeg and we look forward to your feedback.
The TurtleSeg Team
Medical Image Analysis Lab (MIAL), Simon Fraser University
Biomedical Signal and Image Computing Laboratory (BiSICL), University of British Columbia

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