Yan Tan successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis

September 15, 2009

Congratulations to Yan Tan on his successful defense today!

Title: Improving mouse pointing with eye-gaze targeting: application in radiology


In current radiologists' workstations, a scroll mouse is typically used as the primary input device for navigating image slices and conducting operations on an image. Radiological analysis and diagnosis rely on careful observation and annotation of medical images. During analysis of 3D MRI and CT volumes thousands of mouse clicks are performed every day, which can cause wrist fatigue.

This thesis presents a dynamic Control-to-Display (C-D) gain mouse movement method, controlled by an eye-gaze tracker as the target predictor. By adjusting the C-D gain according to the distance to the target, the target width in motor space is effectively enlarged, thus reducing the index of difficulty of the mouse movement.

Two pilot studies and two studies were performed. The result of the pilot studies found the optimal parameters for the dynamic C-D gain method for mouse movements, and also evaluated the feasibility of these parameters on the limited accuracy of the eye-gaze tracker. Our theoretical analysis and experiment in the first study show that the mouse movement time to a known target can be reduced by up to 15%. The second study evaluated the role of eye-gaze targeting in the realistic situation of unknown target positions. These results indicate that using eye-gaze to predict the target positions the dynamic C-D gain method can improve pointing performance by 8% and increase the accuracy over traditional mouse movement.

M.Sc. Examining Committee

Dr. Stella Atkins, Senior Supervisor
Dr. Arthur (Ted) Kirkpatrick, Supervisor
Dr. Lyn Bartram, Examiner, SFU SIAT
Greg Baker, Chair

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