William Ma made a successful MSc defense

July 15, 2009

William Ma made a successful MSc defense today. Congratulations!

Thesis title: Motion estimation for functional medical imaging studies using a stereo video head pose tracking system


Patient motion is unavoidable during long medical imaging scan times. In particular, motion artifacts in functional and molecular brain imaging (e.g. dynamic positron emission tomography in dPET) are known to corrupt the data and, unless accounted for, lead to inaccurate analysis and diagnosis. Most existing motion correction algorithm either rely on attaching external markers or on data-driven image registration algorithms. We propose a new motion correction approach that alleviates the need for inconvenient external markers and relaxes the dependence on the fragile similarity metrics that are generally incapable of capturing the complex spatio-temporal tracer dynamics in dPET. We develop a hybrid, multi-sensor method that uses a marker-free video tracker along with image-based registration. The balance between the two is automatically adapted to confide in the more certain measurement. Our quantitative results demonstrate improved motion estimation and kinetic parameter extraction when using our hybrid method.

M.Sc. Examining Committee

Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh, Senior Supervisor
Dr. Greg Mori, Supervisor
Dr. Mark Drew, Examiner
Dr. Ze-Nian Li, Chair


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