Geoff Tien successfully defended his MSc Thesis

March 23, 2009

Congratulations to Geoff Tien for his successful thesis defense today.

Thesis Title: Building Interactive Eyegaze Menus for Surgery


A real-time hands-free eyegaze menu selection interface was implemented using a commercially available eyetracking system, with selections activated by eyegaze fixations and glances on menu widgets. A pilot study tested three different spatial layouts of the menu widgets and employed a highly accurate two-stage selection mechanism. Improvements based on the pilot results were incorporated into a second revision of the interface with a more streamlined selection mechanism which allowed us to test users’ selection accuracy. Another study was conducted on the revised interface and received a positive response from our participants in addition to a faster selection while maintaining high selection accuracy.

A software framework was created for building eyetracking applications which provides basic eyetracking and interaction features in a modular format. The framework is also expandable to include more features by adding customized modules. Two new applications built using the framework were evaluated to demonstrate its flexibility.

Examining Committee:
Dr. Stella Atkins, Senior Supervisor
Dr. Arthur (Ted) Kirkpatrick, Supervisor
Dr. Christine MacKenzie, SFU Kinesiology, Examiner

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