LDDMM launches on BIRN

June 19, 2007
The large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping (for volumetric images) tool developed by Dr. Faisal Beg is now a part of the Bioinformatics Research Network. Ali Khan, graduate student in ENSC at MIAL continues to upgrade and extend this code for applications in segmentation, registration and longitudinal shape analysis.


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Subject: [Birn-all] Reminder - Portal Upgrade today at 5 PM (PDT)

This is just a reminder that on Tuesday, June 19th the BIRN-CC will upgrade the current production BIRN portal. Several new enhancements and fixes will be incorporated into this release. A brief summary of the major highlights are listed:

•    Improvements in the download speed of file transfers

•    Incorporation of the ability to launch the Johns Hopkins University application LDDMM (http://cis.jhu.edu/software/ldmm/) from the portal. You can
also watch the details from each task of the jobs submitted.

•    New QAP has the ability to preview SRB files (images, html, logs, xml). You can also browse the contents of the SRB files from the QAP.

•    Moved the preview screen above the permissions window when browsing an image

•    Several improvements to the usability of the Collaborative portlets were made that were requested by users

•    We added an About subtab under Help that lists all of the fixes and improvements made for each release of the portal

We will be taking the portal off line starting at 5 PM (PDT) to complete the upgrade. We estimate that it will take approximately two hours to complete. An announcement will be sent out to the BIRN community just before we take the portal off line and when it is available again.

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