MIAL will present 5 papers at SPIE Medical Imaging 2007

November 7, 2006


MIAL members will be presenting the following five papers in the SPIE Medical Imaging conference to be held on Feb 17-22, 2007 at San Diego, USA. Congratulations to the presenters!

* Segmentation of complex objects with nonspherical topologies from 3D medical images using 3D Livewire
Paper Number:  6512-109

* Tensor distance based adaptive seeding algorithm for DT-MRI visualization.
Paper Number:  6509-93

* DT-MRI segmentation using graph cuts
Paper Number:  6512-55

* Consistent Realignment of 3D Diffusion Tensor MRI Eigenvectors
Paper Number: 6512-146

* 3D skeleton parameterization for medial shape representation using manifold learning
Paper Number:  6512-32


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