CSC/PIMS Distinguished Speaker Series: Image and Video Special Effects based on Geometry and Partial

October 6, 2006
Location: IRMACS Theatre
Presenter: Professor Guillermo Sapiro, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Minnesota
Abstract:  In this talk I will show how fundamental problems in image and video editing can be efficiently addressed with fundamental mathematics. After a brief introduction to the area of image painting, meaning the modification of an image in a non-detectable form, I will concentrate on image and video colorization, the art of colorizing black and white data. I will show the connection of this problem with Hamilton-Jacobi equations and distance functions, and a technique to compute them in linear time. I will also describe how to use similar techniques for other special effects and user-oriented image segmentation. The talk will have a combination of fundamental math, computational tools, and a lot of examples.

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