Chris McIntosh Awarded CIHR CGS

August 16, 2006
On behalf of the Graduate Program in the School of Computing Science, I
would like to congratulate Mr. Chris McIntosh, under the supervision of
Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh, as a successful recipient to the Canadian Institute
of Health Research's (CIHR) Canada Graduate Scholarship Master's Award.
Mr. McIntosh is distinguished as being the only recipient of this award in
all of Canada who is working within the field of Computing Science!

His unique project was developed in response to the increasing demand for
non-invasive medical diagnosis and treatments and the correlated need for
robust medical image segmentation and analysis techniques capable of
assisting physicians with the examination process. "Deformable Organisms"
are a novel approach that uses an artificial life based top-down
deformation control structure to complement the classical bottom-up
deformable model methodologies, thus simultaneously segmenting and
analyzing images. Previously, Chris and Ghassan developed innovative and
robust deformable organisms for the segmentation and analysis of the
corpus callosum, vascular networks, airways, and the spinal cord. Over the
next year, they will continue their work with both existing and new
collaborators to further refine and validate their algorithms within the
context of their recently released open source framework.

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