A Framework for SPECT Image Reconstruction Using Graphics Hardware and Software

September 20, 2005
Location: PIMS lecture room at SFU, EAA 1100
Presenter: Steven Bergner and Eric Dagenais, Computing Science, SFU

In this talk we cast the problem of tomography in the realm of computer graphics. By using PBRT (physically based rendering toolkit) we create a scripting environment that simplifies the programming of tomography algorithms such as filtered back projection and Maximum-Likelihood Expectation Maximization (ML-EM). This allows the rapid development and testing of novel algorithms with a variety of scattering distributions. A second approach covered in this talk is to implement ML-EM using accelerated graphics hardware (GPU) resulting in tremendous performance increase over classical CPU-based methods. Our work is combined in one framework that can be used to evaluate performance and accuracy of different algorithms.

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