Ghassan Hamarneh


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Applied Sciences
Member, Centre For Scientific Computing
Assistant Professor, School of Computing Science
Collaborator, Usability, and VIsualization GRUVI = GRaphics
Member, IHRE
Member, Medical Computing Lab
Co-Director, Medical Image Analysis Lab
Collaborator, Scientific Computing & Imaging Research Facility

Ph.D. Signal and Systems, Chalmers University of Technology, 2001
M.Sc. Digital Communications, Chalmers University of Technology, 1997
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, Jordan University, 1995

TASC-1 9417

MIAL (TASC-1 9400)


Research Interests

Dr. Hamarneh is working on developing techniques for the automated processing and analysis of multi-dimensional biomedical images such as magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound. His research focuses on devising novel methods and applying existing techniques to real-world applications for solving problems of segmentation and registration, tracking and matching, shape representation and deformation analysis of anatomical structures in medical images. Of particular interest are the statistical analysis of organ shape variation, the automated detection of pathology and structural abnormality, the development of controlled shape deformation techniques, and the incorporation of context-based, intelligent mechanisms for image registration and segmentation. For a current list of publications please click here. For a list of current projects please click here.

Research Projects

Groupwise Medial Axis Transform
Musculoskeletal Image Analysis
Interactive, Intuitive, and Controlled Shape Deformations
Analysis of MR Images for Multiple Sclerosis Studies
Artificial Life Approaches to Medical Image Analysis
3D Live-Wire
Multi-Modal Medical Image Registration
Boundary Detection in Medical Images
Web-Based Visual Computing Tools
Deformable Spatio-Temporal Shape Models
Small Animal Image Analysis
Nuclear Medicine Quality Control
ITK Deformable Organisms Framework
Analysis and Visualization of Time Varying Medical Image Data
3D Shape Analysis and Visualization
n-SIFT for Matching Medical Images
Human Motion Tracking
Image Crawlers
Shape Matching using Ant Colony Optimization
DeformIt: Simulation of Ground Truth Data
SMRFI: Shape Matching via Registration of Feature Images
VascuSynth: Simulation of Branching Tubular Structures for Validation and Learning
Motion Correction in Medical Imaging
Eye-gaze Driven Interactive Image Segmentation
Spine Shape Analysis
Probabilistic Multi-Label Shape Representations
Perceptual Visualization of High-Dimensional Medical Images
MCCAP: Minimal Corpus Callosum Area Plane
Fast Random Walker
Reliability-Driven, Spatially-Adaptive Regularization for Medical Image Analysis
Analysis of Tongue Dynamics from US
MIA using ITK on Apple iOS
Fast Medical Image Analysis
Analysis of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography
Diffusion MRI
Skin Hair Simulator Software

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