Tayebeh Lotfi

MSc Student, Medical Image Analysis Lab

BSc. Isfahan University of Technology, 2001
MSc. Sharif Univerdity of Technology, 2004

TASC 9400



Research Interests

• Breast cancer detection based on X-Ray images (Mammography).
• Non-Destructive defect detection of polyethylene pipes on infrared images.
• Mosaicing of moving objects at decoder side.
• Segmentation and tracking of one moving object.
• Fingerprint recognition.
• Active learning methods to solve bin-packing problem.


I am a member of the Medical Image Analysis Lab working under the supervision of Ghassan Hamarneh.

Selected Publications

• Rahele Kafieh, Tayebe Lotfi Mahyari, “Automatic Detection of Defects on Polyethylene Pipe Welding Using Thermal Infrared Imaging”, Elsevier Journal of Infrared Physics & Technology, 2010.

• T. Lotfi, M. Bagheri, A.A. Darabi, and S. Kasaei, ”An Efficient Content-Based Video Coding Method for Distance Learning Applications”, Scientia Iranica, 16(2):85–103, Dec. 2009.

• A.H. Khalili, T. Lotfi, and S. Kasaei, “Fast and Robust Tracker in Distance Learning Applications Using Uncalibrated Stereo Cameras”, In The 3rd International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies: from Theory to Applications, ICTTA, Damascus, Syria, April 2008.

• M. Bagheri, T. Lotfi, and S. Kasaei, “An Adaptive Method for Moving Object Blending in Dynamic Mosaicing’, In The 13th Int'l CSI Computer Conference, CSICC, Pages 203-210, Kish Island, Persian Gulf, Iran, March 2008.

• M. Bagheri, T. Lotfi, A.A. Darabi, and S. Kasaei, “Content-Based Video Coding for Distance Learning”, In The 7th IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology, ISSPIT, Pages 1005–1010, Cairo, Egypt, Dec. 2007.

• T. Lotfi and S. Kasaei, “Image Movement Detection in E-Learning to be Transmitted via H.264/AVC”, In The 15th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering, ICEE, Tehran, Pages 489-494, Iran, May 2007.

• T. Lotfi and S. Kasaei, “Image Registration in E-Learning Applications”, In The 12th Annual CSI Computer Conference, CSICC, Pages 1442–1447, Tehran, Iran, Feb. 2007.

• S. Koohi, M. Babagholi, T. Lotfi, and S. Kasaei, “Video Cut Detection in E-Learning Applications”, In IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing & its Applications, ISSPA, Sharjah, UAE, Feb. 2007.

• T. Lotfi, S. Bagheri Shouraki,”Active learning method to solve Bin-Packing Problems”, In the 2nd IASTED International Conference Neural Networks and Computational Intelligence, Pages 263-268, Grindelwald, Switzerland, Feb 2004.

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