Preet Singh Jassi

Alumni, Medical Image Analysis Lab



Research Interests

DeformIt is a web interface that generates a series of vibrationally and variationally or randomly deformed images based on a single prototype image.  Additionally the images can be degraded using noise and non-uniformity.  See http://mialweb.cs.sfu.ca

VascuSynth is a web interface that generates images of simulated vascular structures using GXL which is a deviation of XML.  See http://mialweb.cs.sfu.ca/vascusynth/

I am a fourth year student at Simon Fraser University.  I like doing cool stuff (web development, web design, mathematics, computing).

Research Projects

DeformIt: Simulation of Ground Truth Data
VascuSynth: Simulation of Branching Tubular Structures for Validation and Learning

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