Maryam Sadeghi


PhD Student, Medical Image Analysis Lab

BSc. Iran University of Science and Technology, 2006



Research Interests

My research interests are:

  •      Medical Image Analysis
  •      Skin Lesion Analysis and Melanoma Detection
  •      Computer Aided Diagnosis
  •      Skin Imaging
  •      EyeGaze Tracking
  •      Video Surveillance and Object Recognition

  My Current Research : Automatic Melanoma Detection in Skin Images
The incidence of malignant melanoma, a disease of worldwide distribution, has been rapidly increasing over the last few decades, especially among Caucasians. Early detection and prompt surgery represent the only curative management of patients affected by the disease. I am working on a method for automatic melanoma diagnosis.

Research Projects

Eye-gaze Driven Interactive Image Segmentation

Selected Publications

M. Sadeghi, M. Razmara, M. Ester, T. K. Lee, M. S. Atkins, “Graph-based Pigment Network Detection in Skin Images”, SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, Town and Country Resort and Convention Center, San Diego, California, USA, 13 - 18 February 2010

Maryam Sadeghi, Majid Razmara, Paul Wighton, Tim K. Lee and M. Stella Atkins, “A Novel Method for Detection and Classification of Pigment Networks in Dermoscopic Images”, presented in Annual UBC and CIHR Skin Research Day, Canada,
March 20, 2010

P. Wighton, M. Sadeghi, T.K. Lee and M.S. Atkins. “A fully automatic random walker segmentation for skin lesions in a supervised setting.” Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions – MICCAI 2009, Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Sept. 2009, London, UK.

Maryam Sadeghi, Tim K. Lee and M. Stella Atkins, “Skin lesion segmentation using the Gray-conversion by a customized colormap”, presented in Annual UBC and CIHR Skin Research Day, Canada, 2009.

M. Sadeghi, G. Tien, G. Hamarneh, and M. S. Atkins, “Hands-free Interactive Image Segmentation Using Eyegaze”, SPIE Medical Imaging Conference, Lake Buena Vista (Orlando Area), Florida, USA, 7 - 12 February 2009

E. Adeli, M. Sadeghi, and M. Fathy, “A Low-cost Strong Shadow-based Segmentation Approach for Vehicle Tracking in Congested Traffic Scenes”, International Conference on Machine Vision, Islamabad, Pakistan, December 28-29, 2007

E. Adeli, M. Sadeghi, and M. Fathy, “A New Approach for Vehicle Detection in Congested Traffic Scenes Based on Strong Shadow Segmentation” , 3rd International Symposium on Visual Computing ISVC07, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, California, USA, November 26-28, 2007

M. Sadeghi and M. Fathy. “A Low-cost Occlusion Handling Using a Novel Feature in Congested Traffic Images”. Accepted for presentation at The 9th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems – (ITSC 2006), Toronto, Canada. 17-20 September 2006.

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