Ryan Dickie


Alumni, Medical Image Analysis Lab

BASc Hons., SFU, 2007

TASC 9400


Research Interests

My research covers various topics in the processing and visualization of cardiac DT-MRI imaging. I am working on techniques to create a smooth vector field from the diffusion tensor. I am also focusing interpreting anatomical features including fiber directions, wall thickness, and other such characteristics. Finally, I am developing techniques to visualize my results.

Research Projects

Computational Cardiac Anatomy

Selected Publications

Consistent realignment of 3D diffusion tensor MRI eigenvectors
March 5, 2007
Mirza Faisal Beg, Ryan Dickie, Gregory Golds, Laurent Younes. Consistent Realignment of 3D Diffusion Tensor MRI Eigenvectors, published in SPIE proceedings 2007

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